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Week 9 home learning

Hello Year 3,

I hope you and your families are okay and you enjoyed last week’s home learning. Last week we welcomed Year 6 back into school and it has been great to see them and be involved in their learning.

This week in maths you will be learning about turns.  How when 2 lines meet, they create an angle and what a right angle is.  You will also be using all your known number facts to create your own maths puzzle.

In English you will be reading about the famous artist William Morris, discovering the significant events in his life. Ever wondered how to use an adverb to express time? Well after completing your English learning this week you will be masters! 😊

In science you will discover how white light is made of all the colours of the spectrum by creating a spinning wheel. In geography you will apply your learning of 4-figure grid references on a map of Greece and in history explore the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Please continue to share your work on the school Facebook page and I look forward to seeing more!

Stay safe,

Mr Holley 😁