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Week 7 home learning

Hi Year 6!

I hope you all had a great half term week and have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I know several of you have been having a whale of a time splashing around in paddling pools in your gardens and hopefully there are a few more days of sunshine to come.

Have any of you seen the Oak National Academy assemblies they have on their website? I hadn’t until this week but I was told by Mrs Smith that there was an ex-England international footballer and a WWE wrestler on, so I had a look! I won’t tell you who they are- you can find out for yourself :D Bonus points for anyone who recognises the footballer.

Horrible Histories has got to be one of my favourite TV programs ever! Every now and then I find my daughters watching an episode that I haven’t seen and the songs never fail to make me smile. There are many, many fine Tudor episodes as well- have a look on iPlayer or online if you like history that is funny and only slightly gruesome.

All being well, I will see you very soon!

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Parker