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Week 6 home learning

Hello Reception,

I hope you have had a fun week in the sunshine and are all enjoying your home learning activities. This week we are exploring the depths of the ocean. You will be able to recreate your own ocean in a jar and explore density. I am going to do this one too as it looks so exciting!

Our story this week is about the Rainbow Fish and you will be exploring lots of different feelings. You will also be able to create your own rainbow fish. Don’t forget to share them on our Facebook page!

Talking about fish - That reminds me… Do you remember when I told you about the leaky fish pond? Well unfortunately I didn’t fix it very well and it began to leak again. So, I had to put the fish into a temporary container. I took our little pond home and have managed to fix it properly with special glue and waterproof tape. I have tested it to see if it would hold the water over a few days and it has worked. YAY!

I have bought the fish some plants too – maybe they will feel safer if they have somewhere to hide and somewhere shady while the weather is hot!

Have a super week, Reception and stay safe!

Big Smiles, from Miss Sinclair