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Week 6 home learning

Hello Year 5!

I hope you enjoyed finding out about where the Vikings settled from the places names that are used today. Did you know that Rugby was a Viking settlement name which meant farm or village? Looking at the map of our local area, there seems to be quite a few Viking settlement names! This week we will be finding out about Jorvik (which is now known as York). There may be some similarities that you can find between the Viking and Anglo-Saxon settlements.

In science we will be continuing to compare the life cycles of different animals. Did you find out about the life cycles of any other mammals and amphibians? If you have any zoological illustrations that you can share on Facebook, it would be great to see them!

I have checked the potatoes growing in my garden and they are roughly the size of a thumb. This means that our potatoes, which we have grown in school, are roughly the same size. It won’t be long until they are ready to be harvested!

Take care and stay safe Year 5,

Miss Davies 😊