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Week 6 home learning

Dear Year 4,

What wonderful weather this week! I have really been enjoying spending time outside again this week. It makes me very thankful for my garden! Next week, I’m hoping to do a little bit of baking! Have you done any baking at home?

For your home learning this week, there is a local habitat survey in science where you will be looking at the effect of people on the environment. I think I’m going to have a go at it on my next walk around my area. I think I will find it very interesting what I discover about how we affect nature. It is important to know what our impact is!

In English, you should recognize the artist in the reading. I remember doing pointillism at school too. I think I might get inspired! Meanwhile in maths, you’ll continue to learn about decimals. I hope you enjoy your learning this week.

I’m looking forward to being in school next week, and hopefully it won’t be too long now until we get to see other again.

Keep up the hard work and stay safe,

Mrs Bevis