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Week 6 home learning

Hi Year 6!

What did you think about Roanoke then? Did they just get attacked and wiped out by the neighbouring tribes? Was disease responsible for their disappearance? Aliens? It’s times like these when you need a Delorean and help from Doc Brown! Maybe one of you will become a historian one day and find out the truth for us?

I finished Albion’s Dream at the start of the week and, if I’m honest, felt a little disappointed with the ending. There were some really interesting parts to it and like all good stories, some parts will stay buried away in my memory but it finished with a bit of a whimper. Not an “it was all a dream” level of rubbish ending but just unsatisfactory. However, you may love it! I’ve seen a couple of the books that some of you have been reading- Archer’s Goon amongst them! I absolutely love that one and highly recommend it. There’s even a grainy 90’s TV adaptation on the internet I think!

Don’t forget to keep us updated on any of the learning  you’ve been doing or adventures you’ve been on whilst at home.

Take care and hopefully I’ll see you all soon.

Mr Parker