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Week 5 home learning

Hello Year 5!

How are you?  I hope that you and your families are all keeping well. Mrs Purdy says hello and she wants you to know that she is missing you all.

I hope you enjoyed your home learning last week. My river model is almost complete and I will be sharing a photo of it on Facebook soon. If you have any pictures of your river model or diagrams, post the pictures onto our Facebook page – it would be great to see them!

This week we will be looking a little bit closer into how meanders and oxbow lakes are formed. I remember learning about this myself in school! In science we will be applying our art skills again to draw a life cycle of an amphibian before comparing it to the life cycle of a rabbit.

I’ve found this optical illusion art lesson on Oak National Academy which I think you might enjoy. I am going to take part in the lesson and create my own optical illusion too!

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Davies 😊