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Week 4 home learning

Hi Reception,

Well I have to start with a big well done for all the home learning you are doing.  I have seen so many wonderful achievements over the past few weeks. From fabulous Sammy Snake sock puppets, awesome musical instruments, magnificent rock candy and stunning pieces of camouflage art. This has really made me smile! I am super proud of you!

This week you will have the exciting opportunity to make your own wonderful Obb and Bob aliens and you will be able to feed them real and alien words! I cannot wait to see your designs! You can also create your own jungle jingle and play your music on the instruments you previously created.

I have added a fun favourite of yours too – planning, designing and making your favourite split-pin animal. What animal will you choose?

Have a really fun week and stay safe.

I hope to see you all soon!

Take care and big smiles

From Miss Sinclair