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Week 4 home learning

Hello Year 5!

I hope that you enjoyed learning about the changes in Britain at the start of the Viking era last week. This week we will be learning a little more about Alfred the Great and the different events that happened during his lifetime.

I’ve also been learning about history in my local area during my daily walks. I’ve ended up finding a beautiful route to walk which leads me to a huge hill. The ground on the hill is really strange – it looks like there are large waves under the grass! I’ve found out that the hill was used for farming during the Medieval times and this has caused the ground to shape in the way that it has.

On Friday, to celebrate VE Day, I made a delicious Victoria sponge with butter icing and jam in the middle. I went a bit over the top with the amount of jam I put in the middle and it oozed out all over the plate.

If you’re missing art (like me) I’ve found an online lesson on how to make a flip-book animation. If you haven’t got a pack of memo notes, you can cut up some pieces of paper and glue/staple/Sellotape the top of the pack to make your own. You can find the lesson by following this link:

This week in science and geography we will be using our art skills (yay!) to create a life cycle and a river model. I’m really excited to complete these activities – keep an eye out for the photos on Facebook. If you are able to, it would be fantastic if you could send some of your work to our Facebook page too.

Take care and stay safe

Miss Davies 😊