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Week 4 home learning

Hi Year 6!

I hope you are all feeling well and keeping cheerful. I have had an odd feeling this week…normally we would be going over the final preparations for SATs at this time of the term but not this year. It feels strange not to have the mixture of excitement and nerves as the time arrives. I know that you will be partly relieved and possibly slightly delighted that you don’t have to take the assessments but there might also be a nagging sense of frustration. You have worked so, so hard and I know that you would have nailed those papers! However, remember that your hard work was never just about SATS. They are, and always will be, a way of measuring your work. They can’t measure effort, resilience, determination and basic awesomeness. You have worked your socks off so that you can proudly say that you have done everything possible to prepare yourself for the next step in your education and we are incredibly proud of you.

I will speak to you soon. Stay safe and keep reading 😊

Mr Parker

Hello Year 6,

I hope you and your family are well.  It has been strange going into school and not greeting you all at the classroom door - I do miss you all.  I know you have all enjoyed the home learning from Mr Parker. I had noticed that Gumbo, Kylie, Liverpool and pizza are still making an appearance!  I can see from the recent battle that Year 6 are smashing the Times Table Rock Stars, well done.

Thankfully, the weather has been pleasant and I have enjoyed going for walks and looking at all the beautiful spring flowers that are blooming.  My family and I have been cooking, playing board games (I failed miserably at the Star Wars Trivia!), completing maths challenges and watching films.  I have surprised myself in my abilities at cutting my sons hair - I think they will be pleased when the barbers open though!  I am looking forward to when we are all back in school and hearing about your own experiences. Take care for now and keep those brains ticking.

Miss Dawson