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Week 3 home learning

Hello, Year 3

It was good to hear from more of you on the phone this week and it sounds like you have been enjoying the home learning so far.

I am pleased you are all exercising your brains and using all the activities that are on the website. I hope you have been following the Greek fitness routine and practising some of the events of the Olympics, which you have been learning about. I can't wait to find out how you have investigated the roots of plants and hopefully didn't make too much of a mess! 😊

After the down pour this week, our learning on the water cycle has been very evident with lots of precipitation! Over this week, I am going to join you in creating a cloud in a jar and watch it rain - please post photos or videos of what you have done online for us all to see. You are going to find out how the Olympics have changed over hundreds of years and the life cycles of plants. Did you enjoy the domino challenge? In maths I have added another brainteaser for you to apply all your skills. Remember, be resilient!

I am going to endeavour to practice my newly discovered cooking skills with some more delicious meals.

Stay safe  😀

Chef Holley