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Week 2 home learning

Hello Year 5!

Welcome back to week two of home learning. It was great to hear about all the lovely things you have been doing at home, the learning activities that you have completed and how you have been enjoying the beautiful weather!

I found last week’s history learning really interesting. I found it fascinating that the Vikings made their own ice skates! How many of the artefacts did you guess correctly? I think that it would have been a long process to make a comb – especially making all those thin teeth! This week, in history, you will need to apply your reading skills to find about the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne. Although it wasn’t the first Viking invasion, it was a significant event which marked the start of the Viking era.

I hope that you have been enjoying the reading comprehension about Jim and the workhouse. Jim’s schooling is a lot different to how we spend out days in school. Imagine not being able to laugh and having to share our classroom with a few washerwomen sat in the corner of the room! This week Jim spots an opportunity for him and his new friend Tip – I look forward to hearing your predictions about what you think will happen next!

As well as completing this week’s home learning, you can visit Oak National Academy to complete their online lessons for maths and English following this link:

Remember to share any of your learning or ‘five fun activities’ on facebook if you can – keep an eye out for posts from the class teachers too!

Stay safe 😊

Miss Davies