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Week 2 home learning

Hello, Year 3.

I hope you and your families are all well. It has been wonderful to speak to some of you on the phone and I am looking forward to talking to more of you this week. Again, in school this week it has been rather strange, I hope we will soon be back in our busy but tidy classroom. 😊

From the parents and children I have spoken to, it sounds like you have all enjoyed the first week of home learning, using the resources on the website. It has been fantastic to hear how much you all enjoyed reading the Iron Man, practising your writing and maths skills (I hope you all cracked the code) and finding out about the Ancient Greek Olympics. I am looking forward to seeing some detailed and labelled plant diagrams so please share them on Facebook!

This week, you can continue to practice your number skills and solve the domino puzzle in maths. For English, use speech punctuation and read the next part of the Iron Man and find out what happened after he stepped off the cliff, was your prediction right?

Get your gardening gloves on because in science you are going to learn about the roots of plants. In history, find out about the events of the Ancient Greek Olympics and try and have a go at your own events in the garden! Finally, learn about the process of the water cycle and create your own explanation diagram - again please share your photos of these, they would be brilliant to see!

Don't forget to keep practising on TT Rock Stars and use the BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy website ( to keep learning! 👍

Stay safe.

Mr Holley