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Week 13 home learning

Dear Year 4,

I hope you’ve had a lovely week. Yet again, the weather was not our friend but hopefully, it hasn’t stopped you doing things you enjoy.

For your home learning this week, I have found a science investigation that takes you back to your learning about the states of matter. It’s also a tasty one!

I hope you have enjoyed learning French, and you’ll be able to apply some of your learning from the past few weeks when you learn the names of clothes in French. Following on from learning about Jewish traditions, you’ll learn about some of the rites of passage in Hinduism. I

In English, you’ve got an exciting story about the Ancient Greek hero, Icarus. Can you work out the moral of the story? Continuing from last week, in maths. you’ll be learning about line graphs and then about angles.

This is our last week of Year 4! It has been an extraordinary year in many different ways. I have really enjoyed being your teacher for the second time! I have been amazed on a regular basis to see how far you have come from when we were together back in Year 1. I hope you have enjoyed it too! I am very much looking forward to seeing you again in September to share a proper end to our year together.

Enjoy the summer and I hope you can start looking forward to your adventures in Year 5!

Stay safe!

Mrs Bevis