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Week 13 home learning

Hello Year 3,

I hope you are all excited about coming back to school in your new class in September and I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again. 😊

For home learning this week in English you will be reading about the all the parts of a computer and their functions. You will be learning how to use apostrophes to show possession on singular and plurals nouns. For you writing challenge this week, you will need to imagine a strange parcel has arrived on your doorstep and write a story about what happens next.

In maths you will be learning about statistics. Firstly, investigating how data is represented on pictograms, in charts and in tables then interpreting bar charts. Then you will use all of your new skills in statistics to investigate a problem involving medal winners at the Olympic Games.

In history you are going to learn about the significance of Stonehenge for Bronze Age people and create your own model - I can't wait to see your Biscuit-henge models 😃 Using your scientific knowledge, you will find out how light is blocked by an opaque object and forms a shadow, which changes throughout the day. In geography you will explore the different types of mountains - you will be familiar with one already…a volcano!

Stay safe and enjoy your home learning this week!

Mr Holley