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Week 12 home learning

Hello Year 3,

I hope you and your families are all well and are looking forward to another exciting week of home learning. 😊

In English you will continue to perform the poem ‘The Shadow’ and use you reading skills to explore how the author uses vocabulary in the poem. You will be learning how to use prepositions to show time and cause in your writing. For you writing challenge this week, I have chosen a story from an author you all enjoyed before- remember the silent blue book? This time you will using Maia Walczak's story the Girl with the Yellow Bag to inspire your writing.

In maths you will be learning about the perimeter of a 2D shape. Firstly, counting the squares around the shape then using your calculation skills to derive the perimeter of some tricky shapes. Again, you will need to apply all your number skills to solve maths problem by working out the missing operation.

In History you are going to learn more about the stone age by examining a cave painting. Using your scientific knowledge to find out about how light travels from an object to your eye and in geography find out how the world is like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle of Tectonic plates.

Stay safe and remember to share all your learning on the school Facebook page!

Mr Holley