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Week 11 home learning

Dear Year 4,

What a scorcher it has been! I was melting last week but, as I made sure that I drank plenty of water and used sun cream when I was outside, I kept safe in the mini heatwave. I hope you have too!

This week’s learning we have got some reading about the FA Cup, learning how to convert analogue times (on a clock) to digital time, and a last bit about the topic on sound in science. I hope you find it interesting! I’ve really enjoyed thinking of ways to help you explore sound. I hope you have too.

I also hope you enjoyed having some different subjects to learn about! In French, you’ll still be looking at colours, but learning how to describe objects by their colours. French is very strange because their nouns have genders. It makes strange things happen to their adjectives…

In RE, you’ll be learning and thinking about baptism. Have you been baptized or been to a Christian baptism? Have you experienced a similar ceremony in a different religion? I really enjoy finding out the differences and similarities between religions. It shows how interesting and diverse the world is!

Keep up the hard work and stay safe,

Mrs Bevis