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Week 11 home learning

Hi, Year 3,

I hope you and your families are well and have enjoyed the sunshine and glorious temperatures last week. 🌞

This week you will be reading, performing and interpreting a poem called ‘My Shadow’ by the famous author Robert Louis-Stevenson. The poem was first published in 1885, can you work out how many years ago is was written? You will be writing direct speech using the correct punctuation and ensuring your reporting clauses are engaging.

In maths you will be learning about 3D shapes and creating and identifying the nets of 3D shapes. You will then apply this learning to investigate drawing cubes on isometric paper. Remember to use the 'magic' ruler! 😊

In science you will be learning about how light travels in a straight line and how different surfaces reflect light. Make sure the laptop or tablet is charged because you are going to use Google maps to explore and compare the capital cities of Greece and England. Prepare to be an archaeologist again by finding out how Stone Age people used tools for our history topic.

I have really enjoyed seeing all your home learning that you have sent via Facebook, please keep sending them in!

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Holley