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Week 10 home learning

Hello Year 5!

I hope that you are all ok and that the rain last week didn’t ruin any walks or bike rides that you had planned.

This weekend I have planted my tomato plants outside, which I have grown from seed. This year I planted plenty of seeds to make sure that I definitely had a few tomato plants. All those seeds grew very well so I had over 32 tomato plants which I have shared out between my family. I still have nine plants in my garden and I’m looking forward to seeing the tomatoes grow!

What did you think to the Maya number system last week? It’s definitely a bit different to the base 10 number system that we use. This week you will be working out Maya numbers which are bigger than 19. It’s going to involve adding and multiplying so it’s a really good opportunity for you to apply your maths skills whilst learning about the Mayan civilization. It’s amazing how many numbers you can make with just three symbols! I really enjoyed making the resources for history this week and I challenge you to test me on your own Maya numbers. Send a picture of them to our school Facebook page or email them to the office and I will let you know my answers!

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Davies 😊