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Week 1 home learning

Hello Year 5!

It was great to catch up with those of you that I spoke to last week on the phone and I look forward to speaking to the rest of you this week. There were lots of exciting things happening in your homes over Easter and these are memories that you will look back on fondly.

Writing this, instead of speaking to you all in our classroom, feels a little bit strange and I can imagine reading this at home feels a little bit strange also. Just know that I am reading this back in my singing voice to check that it makes sense!

When planning our reading activities for home learning, I thought really hard about the text I was going to use. I remembered how we really enjoyed dipping into a text about Jim and the workhouse. This time at home is a good opportunity for you to explore the text further using your comprehension skills. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the story! I have been catching up on my own reading during the evenings and have read quite a few Tudor themed books. Although not 100% factual, I really would have loved being part of the Tudor era – especially as a member of the court!

I have been in and out of school and during that time I have been checking on our classroom – it’s still as orange as ever! You will be pleased to know that my desk has remained spotless 😊 The spring bulbs that you have planted in the garden have fully bloomed and look beautiful and the summer bulbs look like they are well on their way to becoming just as wonderful.

I have completed some of the Easter challenges and my favourite one was growing pepper plants from pepper seeds. This has inspired me and now I am growing other vegetables from left over vegetable ‘scraps’. I am very excited to see how I can continue to grow (and eat) things which I would have normally put in the compost.

I have been watching our times table rockstars heat map and I’m really pleased to see that we are gaining more green squares and the yellow squares are disappearing – keep it up rockstars!

I hope to see you all very soon 😊

Miss Davies