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Mathematics is important in everyday life. It is integral to all aspects of life and with this in mind at Riverside Academy we endeavour to ensure that children develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards Mathematics that will stay with them throughout their lives.

It is vital that a positive attitude towards Mathematics is encouraged amongst all of our pupils in order to foster confidence and achievement in a skill that is essential in our society. At Riverside Academy, we use the National Curriculum for Mathematics as the basis of our mathematics programme.

Assessment for Learning, with an emphasis on cross curricular Mathematics, problem solving and the development of mathematical thinking combined with a rigorous approach to the development of the foundations of number skills.

We aim to provide the pupils with a Mathematics curriculum and high quality teaching to produce individuals who are numerate. We also aim to provide a stimulating environment and adequate resources so that pupils can develop their mathematical skills to the full.

Our pupils should:

  • have a well-developed sense of the size of a number and where it fits into the number system.
  • know by heart age appropriate number facts such as number bonds, multiplication tables, doubles and halves.
  • use what they know by heart to figure out numbers mentally.
  • calculate accurately and efficiently, both mentally and in writing and paper, drawing on a range of effective calculation strategies.
  • explain their methods and reasoning, using correct mathematical terms.
  • judge whether their answers are reasonable and have strategies for checking them where necessary.
  • suggest suitable units for measuring and make sensible estimates of measurements.
  • explain and make predictions from the numbers in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.
  • develop spatial awareness and an understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.