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At Riverside Academy, we aim to inspire children’s curiosity and fascination about the world we live in. Through a range of teaching strategies we aim to develop their knowledge of significant places, explore processes that affect key physical and human features of the world and provide the children with a range of skills allowing them to collect, analyse, communicate and interpret geographical information.

To broaden the children's geographical knowledge throughout the school, each year group studies a different location from around the world:

  • Year 1 - The Local Environment
  • Year 2 - Australia
  • Year 3 - Greece
  • Year 4 - China
  • Year 5 - South America
  • Year 6 - Russia

Wherever possible, we try to include 'hands-on' geography based learning activities, including visits to a range of towns and cities or even exploring our local environment. These give the children the experiences which will help them to take a greater interest in the world.