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Performance of Cinderella

We were treated to a lively performance of Cinderella by M & M Theatrical Productions last week. The children (and staff) loved the way they told the story and encouraged us all to join in with songs and chants. 

Quotes from children: 

'We learnt that if you're kind, caring and nice then all of your dreams will come true' - Year 4 Class

'The Cinderella performance was brilliant! It engaged the audience and used modern songs to make the play come to life! I really enjoyed it as it was humorous and actors danced around like maniacs a lot of the time. My favourite part was when the horrible step-mother was sassy, which made me and my friends laugh and chuckle/ They also got the audience participating in the performance'- Paige Year 6

'I liked it when they danced because they were good' - Issy Year 1

'I enjoyed all the acting but I especially liked the happy ending when Cinderella was dancing with the prince' - Amber Year 3

'I liked it when the music came on and we all sand and clapped together' - Kiara Year 2  

'We enjoyed it because it was the traditional story of Cinderella but with a twist' - Year 4 Class

'I liked the songs and the music they sang because we could sing along and clap our hands' - Esme Year 3

'I loved the show, because of how positive and caring Cinderella was. This made me think if I were more like her the maybe my dreams will come true too. Also, I loved how they made the performance into a pantomime so this meant everyone could participate with clapping, singing and dancing' - Megan Year 6

'The stage was amazing especially when the pumpkin spun around' - Jakub Year 2

'I loved Cinderella's mum because it she made me laugh' - Callum Year 1 

'I thought the special effects were amazing, like when the rat turned big and the pumpkin turned into a coach. I was amazed!' - Henry Year 3