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Latest News
  • Riverside curriculum afternoons
    The children at Riverside Academy have shared their learning with parents and carers during curriculum afternoons.
  • Gardening Club fruit and vegetable sale

    Gardening Club will be selling their harvested fruit and vegetables over the next few weeks.

  • Performance of Cinderella

    We were treated to a lively performance of Cinderella by M & M Theatrical Productions last week. The children (and staff) loved the way they told the story and encouraged us all to join in with songs and chants. 

  • Winter Day

    Wrap up warm- winter is still here! Read more about our winter day!

  • Christmas at Riverside
    Read all about the Festive season here at Riverside!
  • Year 3's Trip to see Matilda in London

    On Wednesday 22nd November Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity to go and watch Matilda the Musical at Cambridge Theatre and visit the British Museum in London. All the children had a wonderful experience they will never forget. 

  • Remembrance Sunday

    For Remembrance day students from Riverside Academy took part in the memorial service at St. Botolph's Church. 

    Photos of the day are shown below. 

  • Grandparents Bonfire Lunch

    To celebrate bonfire’s night grandparents were invited to join their grand child or grand children for a lunch on Friday 3rd November. 

  • Year 2 Warwick Castle Trip

    Year 2 visited Warwick Castle on 19th September 2017. They explored the castle and this trip supported the children’s knowledge and insight about the past, especially Elizabethan times.

  • Year 5/6 visit to Edale

    Year 5 and 6 visited Edale in Derbyshire from 19th to 21st June 2017. 


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