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Riverside Eager Beavers


Riverside Eager Beavers is run by Riverside Academy which provides outstanding quality of after school childcare for parents. Children who attend will be offered a range of stimulating, creative and fun activities in a safe and secure environment that will differ day to day. The club will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which the children will feel happy and cared for. The activities that are provided to children will include structured indoor play, opportunity to relax and energetic outdoor play to suit every child's needs, children will also have the opportunity to do their homework if they wish. The club operates from Monday to Friday from 3.15pm till 4:45pm or 3:15pm till 6:00pm (term time only). Only children that attend Riverside Academy are entitled to attend Riverside Eager Beavers After School Club.

Please see below:

The Riverside Eager Beavers Policy

The Riverside Eager Beavers 'Parents Contract'

The Riverside Eager Beavers Registration Form

The Riverside Eager Beavers Booking Form

  1. Riverside Eager Beavers Parents Contract
  2. Riverside Eager Beavers Registration Form
  3. Riverside Eager Beavers Policy
  4. Booking form November 2018