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Parents' Page


At Riverside Academy, we work together to enable all children to make maximum progress and grow as independent and resilient learners, who are ready for all life’s challenges.  We know the importance and impact that working together with parents and carers has on children's progress and individual achievements. Therfore, we aim to include parents and carers in many aspects of school life. 

The different activities and events over the year include:

  • A parent forum, where parents/carers who are interested, are invited to come to school every half term to meet with the Headteacher and discuss issues to further improve the school for our children.

  • Weekly Celebration assemblies, which are held throughout the year. Parents/carers are invited to share achievements in learning.

  • Class assemblies throughout the year to share learning and experiences.

  • Classes invite parents to join them for innovative curriculum afternoons.

  • Parents are invited to learning workshops throughout the year.

  • Family events that involve our school community.

  • The celebration of festivals and traditions (as included in the curriculum) which may involve parents, carers or grandparents being invited to join us for a special celebration lunch.

In addition we always welcome parents and carers to support learning in the classroom, run clubs and join us on our educational visits.

We have an active Friends of Riverside association, who support us to raise funds for our exciting curriculum and, in doing so, organise community events such as the Summer and Christmas fairs and the popular discos.

We are always open to any ideas that make our school an interesting and fun place to be, as well as fostering the ethos for a love of learning. We want children at Riverside to achieve their best with memorable experiences, whilst feeling secure that we are all working in together to support their futures.

If you wish to complete the online OFSTED parent questionnaire, please click the following link:
 to download our latest OFSTED report.

  1. Riverside Academy March 2018 Ofsted Report